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Narmin Kamal (f)
Writer in Residence

Herkunftsland: Aserbaidschan
KKA-Residency: 2011

Portraitfoto Narmin Kamal
Portrait Narmin Kamal
©Narmin Kamal
Born in 1981.

Raised in Baku (Azerbaijan).

Obtained her bachelor's (2001) and master's (2003) degrees in Philosophy in Baku State University. In 2007 - obtained her PhD with the thesis "Umberto Eco and Philosophy of Postmodernism" which was published in 2008 in Baku. Researched the subject of her thesis in Italy, Bologna University with a European supervisor.

From 1999 to 2008 she worked as a journalist in Azerbaijan. She has been writing in different newspapers and literature journals touching mainly integration of Azerbaijan society to Western communities and modernization and revamping of historic traditions, customs, as well as gender issues.

She writes novels, poems and essays. Her poems and essays were published in Azerbaijani, Turkish, Russian, Armenian, German, French, English in different journals and almanacs.
In 2008 she was one of six young writers who won Young Euro Connect essay competition and invited to the readings in Berlin and Munich. Her essays were later selected for the anthology "Young Euro Connect 2005-2008”.
In 2010 her essay for the competition “The Life and Thoughts of a Woman in Azerbaijan” which was organized with the support of the British Embassy in Baku, was first prize winner.

- “Woman First Time”, poems book, 2006, Baku, Qanun Publishing, 100 p. (in Azerbaijani)
- “Umberto Eco and Philosophy of Postmodernism”, PhD Thesis, 2008, Baku, Qanun Publishing, 208 p., (in Azerbaijani)
- “Open It’s Me”, a novel, 2010, Baku, Qanun Publishing (in Azerbaijani)

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