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About us

OeAD/KKA is a European competence and resource centre for the core areas of cultural education with schools in Austria, international educational cooperation, and the Artists in Residence programme for artists from other countries.

The non-profit organisation develops and implements its programmes on behalf of and supported by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research and the Austrian Federal Chancellery. Through its expertise and its projects, OeAD/KKA is an important player at both national and European level.

KKA is committed to the fundamental principles of educational and cultural policy formulated at European level, namely dealing inclusively with diversity and difference, and lifelong learning. Based on these principles, OeAD/KKA devises its activities and programmes with the objective of facilitating equal access to education, culture and the arts.

Approximately 50 staff members implement this diverse programme.

  • KKA promotes exchange and cooperation between institutions of education in Eastern and South Eastern Europe and Austria in order to sustainably support education reforms at the pre-university level.

  • KKA supports cooperation between schools, cultural professionals and cultural institutions in Austria.

  • KKA offers international artists scholarships for residencies in Austria within the framework of Artists in Residence programmes.

Funding Bodies:
The principal funding bodies of OeAD/KKA are the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research and the Austrian Federal Chancellery.

OeAD/KKA conducts its activities in compliance with the applicable provisions of the Federal Public Corporate Governance Code (PCGK).


  • Administrative bodies for education

  • Administrative bodies for the arts and culture

  • Educational institutions

  • Institutions of the arts and culture

  • (Professional) associations

  • EU cooperation partners and EU groups of experts

  • School principals and teachers

  • Artists

  • Cultural educators

  • Policy makers


  • KKA has 30 years of experience in cultural and educational cooperation with Eastern and South Eastern Europe,

  • decades of competence in shaping cultural education in Austria’s schools,

  • well-founded expertise in establishing cooperation between artists, cultural and educational institutions in Austria and abroad,

  • in-depth knowledge of the current challenges to be met by education and culture in the Austrian and European contexts,

  • comprehensive know-how in dealing with processes of change in education and culture in transformation societies (management of change) and

  • wide-ranging experience working in national and international networks (educational and cultural institutions, initiatives and experts).


  • KKA’s resources include high-quality and comprehensive programmes for a variety of target groups in education, culture and the arts,

  • sustainable platforms for exchange in the area of cultural and educational policy between artists, cultural professionals and education experts from Austria, the European Union and Eastern and South Eastern Europe,

  • finely tuned packages of measures for the promotion, support and implementation of educational and cultural programmes in Austria and abroad,

  • long-standing experience in the development and implementation of projects designed to sustainably support development processes in the field of education,

  • a comprehensive range of high-quality consultation services and information relating to cultural education and

  • a network of project offices with locations in Eastern and South Eastern Europe for the planning and implementation of systemic education programmes.


Werkabbildung von Dalibor Nikolić, 2012
Work by Dalibor Nikolić, 2012
©Dalibor Nikolić
Hanspeter Huber, Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research
Deputy Chair:
Charlotte Sucher, Austrian Federal Chancellery
Robert Kramreither, Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research


Das Bild zeigt die Werkabbildung Lia Perjovschi, Knowledge Web
Lia Perjovschi, Knowledge Web
©Lia Perjovschi
Directorate + Administration: responsible for the administration services, as well as for the human resource management and the financial services.

Strategy + Communications

Das Bild zeigt ein Werk von Krassimir Terziev
Work by Krassimir Terziev, 2012
©Krassimir Terziev, 2012
The Strategy + Communications department is responsible for conception and implementation of the trategic communication, as well as for the conception and implementation of the organisation’s external communications.

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