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Barbara Holub ist Künstlerin, Kuratorin, Architektin und künstlerisch-urbanistische Forscherin. Sie konzipiert und kuratiert das Projekt "Urgent Perspectives", das einen Polylog zwischen Artists in Residence von KKA und österreichischen Künstler/innen anregt.


 Mentoring. Networking

Urgent Perspectives

What is urgent? For an artist’s own art production, career, or for the role of art in society? On the basis of which parameters do artists make decisions about which areas to be involved with? These questions form the framework for this new exhibition series, in which two AIR from KKA and two artists living in Austria are involved. The spectrum of artistic works will also vary widely – perhaps precisely as a result – as the intent of the joint exhibition is to create a platform for reciprocal connections that stimulate an exchange between the various cultural and sociopolitical production conditions. How the process of exchange takes place is left to the artists.

"Urgent Perspectives" is exhibited at altering venues in Vienna, thus taking advantage of existing networks and resources.

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