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In Kooperationen mit österreichischen Ensembles und Musikinstitutionen werden Werke der Composers in Residence in Österreich vorgestellt.


 Mentoring. Networking

Composition. Networking

KOMPONISTOJ - New Music International

ensemble reconsil wien
©ensemble reconsil wien
Once a year, ensemble reconsil presents works by that year’s composers-in-residence. At these concerts, the audience embarks on a musical journey featuring works – usually the premiere performance.

Ensemble Platypus

Platypus Ensemble
Platypus Ensemble
©Igor Ripak
Since 2016, the Ensemble Platypus has included pieces written by individual composers-in-residence in their concert programme, which are then played in concerts along with works by Austrian composers.


Das Bild zeigt Stelios Manousakis
Symbolic picture KLUB MOOZAK
©KKA_Brigitte Burgmann
KLUB MOOZAK offers a platform for extreme sounds, and creates performance possibilities for composers who are exploring alternative musical avenues.

Amann Studios

Das Bild zeigt ein Tonstudio von amann studios vienna
amann studios vienna
©amann studios vienna
During their stay, composers-in-residence have the opportunity to work in the Amann Studios, which provide a suitable studio environment both for working on their projects and presenting them together with Austrian musicians.

mica – music austria

magicbeam - Fotolia.com
magicbeam - Fotolia.com
©magicbeam - Fotolia.com
Seit 2015 gibt es eine Kooperation von KulturKontakt Austria und dem mica – music austria, dem professionellen Partner für Musikschaffende in Österreich.

Vienna Improvisers Orchestra VIO

Symbolfoto Vienna Improvisers Orchestra VIO
Vienna Improvisers Orchestra VIO
In cooperation with KKA Composers-in-Residence, the VIO offers the opportunity to participate in the process of ad hoc composition as a temporary ensemble member.


Article image: © kran77 - Fotolia.com

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