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In Kooperation mit den Gastkünstler/innen von BKA und KKA bespielt das FLUC die an den Außenwänden der FLUC-Architektur installierten Billboardwände.


 Artists in Residence



Outer wall of FLUC
Outer wall FLUC
Outer wall FLUC
Outer wall FLUC

Transcultural Emancipation

International artists spending three months in Vienna as Artists in Residence are given the opportunity to use the billboard walls as a format for presentation and intervention, in line with the political practice of art in public urban spaces. The project “Transcultural Emancipation” is part of this ongoing initiative, which was begun in 2013.

What are the main elements of emancipatory processes today, of actions aimed at liberating us from societal norms and the associated world views propagated by the media? How can discussing them help us to occupy new territories in order to focus on related transcultural positions? What abilities, social relationships and individual perspectives on life play a role in developing a differentiated outlook in this context? What possibilities for dealing with cultural differences are offered by the intermeshed model of transculturality as compared to the model of interculturality, and how do artists use them?

Artistic exploration of the mechanisms and structures of transcultural emancipation is undertaken in different ways, depending on the context and the aesthetics of cultural reception, and as such it is subject to a constant process of change. Intrinsic elements of the projects realised in the context of “Transcultural Emancipation” are their exploration of the transcultural situation at Praterstern in Vienna and their investigation of how artistic work can be transported into the socio-political dimension. The billboards not only act as surfaces for presentation and projection, but are also meant to stimulate communication: We are interested in the reactions of the passers-by, their reflection upon and questioning of these constellations of a continuously changing socio-political situation.

Curated by Ursula Maria Probst

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Initiator of Transcultural Cooperation. By Ursula Maria Probst

Residency programmes for artists constitute an important basis of transcultural cooperation in today’s art world.