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Veranstaltungen Artists in Residence

14.11.2017 - 14.11.2017

Artists in Residence BKA/KKA
Guest artists’ presentations: Vida Guzmić, Croatia | Alexandru Raevschi, Moldova | Mary-Audrey Ramirez, Luxembourg

Alexandru Raevschi, Universe 69, 7th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, 2017
Link zur Veranstaltung: https://www.akbild.ac.at/resolveuid/da665d9786ad26b8c5a20e0c904d0438

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Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien, Atelierhaus, Lehargasse 8, 1060 Wien, 1. OG Atelier Süd

14.11.2017, 18.00 h
Organized by Marina Grzinic, Studio for Conceptual Art (Post-conceptual Art Practices). The presentation is possible thanks to the Artists-in-Residence program of the Austrian Federal Chancellery and KulturKontakt Austria.
Vida Guzmić, Croatia
Slippage of representation

Using audio, video and text I research forms of female visibility and presence without ever producing her’s image. With the interest on the passivity of the female character, the male gaze, masquerade, cut up methods, the aim is to examine the possible inverses of imposed representations in a collage of voices and collision of different visual impacts.

Alexandru Raevschi, Moldova
Restoring the balance inside the Armenian and Japanese societies through artistic practices

Alexandru Raevschi will share his curatorial experience while realizing the project “Universe 69” in Armenia and Japan (a workshop and two exhibitions in Gyumri and Tokyo). The focus of the project was connected with the tragic events that took place in Armenia and Japan: the earthquake, which happened in Armenia on December 7, 1988 and the events that occurred in the aftermaths of the earthquake on March 11, 2011 in Japan. The curatorial project is as well connected toward a reflection on hyper patriarchal society settings in both contexts, Armenia and Japan, especially in reference to the Armenian society.

Mary-Audrey Ramirez, Luxembourg

Scrolling is a natural habit for us: constantly on the phone or computer, looking at ever renewing material, a simple post on the internet can make us feel happy or sad. Comfort and discomfort are so close that our attempts to define these categories leave us with further confusion. I'm interested in failure, disappointment, technological bugs, and uncertainties and try to explore this realm between the technological and natural for possible modes of interaction (or understanding).

Artists in Residence BKA/KKA
Universitätsstraße 5
1010 Wien

Brigitte Burgmann-Guldner

+43 1 523 87 65-47

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