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Alexander Kurmaz (m)
Artist in Residence

Herkunftsland: Ukraine
KKA-Residency: 2015
Webseite: http://www.sashakurmaz.com

Portrait Alexander Kurmaz
Portrait Alexander Kurmaz
©S. Kurmaz
Kurmaz holds a BFA in design from the Ukrainian State Academy of Art (DAKKKiM) in Kyiv.
Sasha started his artistic practice as a graffiti artist. When he gradually left the medium behind,
he kept public space as his main do- main and continued to use underground strategies of hacking
public space branded by advertisement and private commercial messages. His aim is to give the city
back to people. In most of his work he plays a game of de-powering power structures, using both
humoristic and conceptual interventions.
Kurmaz works with photography, public interaction, video, painting, and produces photo zines.
Nevertheless, he still describes his works as “photographic,” even in case he does not use
photography as a medium.

Personal exhibitions
2014 Nova gallery. Project: “Zaraz Wracam”, Krakow, Poland.
2010 Viuro gallery. Project: “Talking Walls”, Warsaw, Poland.

Group exhibitions
2014 Architekturzentrum. Project: “Through Maidan and Beyond”, Vienna, Austria.
2014 l’Atelier Neerlandais. Project: “Foam Talent”, Paris, France.
2014 IZOLYATSIA foundation. Project: “Zahoplennya”, Kiev, Ukraine.
2014 Yermilov center. Project: “After the Victory”, Kharkiv, Ukraine.
2014 Kunstlerhaus. Project: “I am drop in the ocean”, Vienna, Austria.
2013 ZKM Museum of Contemporary Art. Project: “Global Activism”, Karlsruhe, Germany.
2013 Grinberg Gallery. Project: “Ukraine: Expropriation”, Moscow, Russia.
2013 16th LINE Gallery. Project: “Cooperation Territory”, Rostov-on-Don, Russia.
2013 Signal Gallery. Project: “BLOG RE-BLOG“, NY, USA.
2013 CCA Ujazdowski Castle. Project: “Ukrainian News”, Warsaw, Poland.
2013 Bottega gallery. Project: “Environment for living”, Kiev, Ukraine.
2013 Yermilov center. Project: “The system of coordinates”, Kharkiv, Ukraine.
2013 Design Cloud, LLC. Project: “Peculiar Poetics”, Chicago, USA.
2012 Gallery “RA”. Project: “Eternity 2”, Kiev, Ukraine.
2012 Santorini Biennale of Arts, Santorini, Greece.
2012 IZOLYATSIA foundation. Project: “Partly Cloudy”, Donetsk, Ukraine.
2012 GOOD PRESS Gallery. Project: “FRUIT SALAD”, Glasgow, Scotland.
2012 Lavra gallery. Project: “Love Ukraine”, Kiev, Ukraine.
2012 MOPLA. Project: “NEW RESEARCH”, Los Angeles, USA
2012 W139. Project: “Catch a glimpse of me”, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
2012 Gallery Steinsland Berliner. Project: “Batholomew”, Stockholm, Sweden.
2012 VCRC as NaUKMA, Project: “Ukrainian Body”, Kiev, Ukraine.
2011 Artitude Kunstverein. Project: “Bits + Pieces”, Berlin, Germany.
2011 Paperworks gallery. Project: “The frenzied urge to struggle”, Moscow, Russia.
2011 Arsenal gallery. Project: “Newspeak”, Kiev, Ukraine.
2011 Gallery 12 Mail. Project: “BARTHOLOMEW”, Paris, France.
2011 Bottega gallery. Project: “Environment for living”, Kiev, Ukraine.
2011 Fluxx Gallery. Project: “Indian Summer”, Des Moines, USA.
2011 Bruciecollections gallery. Project: “EXPLORATION OF THE SETTING”, Kiev, Ukraine.
2011 Bottega gallery. Project: “Muhi 2011”, Kiev, Ukraine.
2010 Radio gallery. Project: “GERM FREE ADOLESCENTS”, Milan, Italy.
2010 Bottega gallery. Project: “RECUSANSY”, Kiev, Ukraine.
2010 Art centr Arsenal. Project: “Conection”, Kiev, Ukraine.
2010 M17 Art Centr. Project: “THOSE WHO CAME IN 2000’S”, Kiev, Ukraine.
2010 Eglise Saint-Andre. Project: “Graffiti Paradise”, Liege, Belgium.
2009 Ludmila Bereznitska & Partner Gallery. Project: “Should The World Break In”, Kiev, Ukraine.
2008 Globus gallery.Project: KIEV DANDYS ≪С корабля на бал≫, Saint Petersburg, Russia.
2008 KyivFineArt gallery. Project: “Strange but cool”, Kiev, Ukraine.
2008 Karas gallery. Project: “New Ukrainian Language”, Kiev, Ukraine.
2006 CCCK. Project: “Graffiti in Focus”, Kiev, Ukraine.

2014 International Public Art Festival: “Art Boom”. Krakow, Poland.
2014 International Public Art Festival: “Katowice Street Art Festival”. Katowice, Poland.
2013 International Contemporary Arts Festival: “Survival Kit”. Riga, Latvia.
2013 International Photo Festival: FORMAT 13. Derby, UK.
2012 International Public Art Festival: “MAKARONKA” . Rostov-on-Don, Russia.
2010 International Public Art Festival: “On The Ground”. Liege, Belgium.

2014 CCA ZARYA, Vladivostok, Russia.
2011 IZOLYATSIA foundation, Donetsk, Ukraine.
2011 Artitude Kunstverein. Berlin, Germany.

2015 Winner of ARTE Creative Award, Dusseldorf, Germany.
2013 Finalist of Pinchuk Art Prize, Kiev, Ukraine.
2013 Finalist of Art-Ovrag Public Art Award, Vyksa, Russia.
2010 Finalist of Kazimir Malewitzsch Award, Kiev, Ukraine.

Fellowships / Workshops
2014 Scholarship Programme “Gaude Polonia”, Krakow, Poland.
2014 4th Informal Conference of Urban Initiatives: “Delai Sammit”, Moscow, Russia.
2013 International Exchange of Artists Project: “RUTARUNA”, Kiev, Ukraine – Sigtuna, Sweden.
2013 International Workshop Programme: “Must Act“, Minsk, Belarus.

2013 “Concrete and Sex”, Pogo Books, Berlin, Germany.
2012 “Ми чекаємо на Євро!“, Self published, Berlin, Germany.
2011 “Nude sensitivity”, Atem Books, Girona, Spain.

2014 FOAM Magazine #39, Talent Issue. Amsterdam, Netherlands.
2014 Krytyka Polityczna #5 Kiev, Ukraine
2014 Frische Magazine #5, Toronto, Canada.
2013 TISSUE Magazine #4, Berlin, Germany.
2013 Jpeople Magazine #17, Berlin, Germany.
2013 The World Atlas of Street Art and Graffiti, Yale University, USA.
2013 Nudity Today, NY, USA.
2013 Sen/Sen book, Taipei, Taiwan.
2013 Vice #4, NY, USA.
2013 DE:Bug #03, Berlin, Germany.
2013 The Germans #3, Berlin, Germany.
2012 Unpublished #4, Milan, Italy.
2012 Shoppinghour magazine #9, London, UK.
2012 5,6 magazine #8, Kiev, Ukraine.
2012 Bolo paper #2, Milan, Italy.
2012 ffw MAG #32, Sao Paulo, Brasil.
2012 Bloomberg Businessweek, Aug. 27 – Sept. 2, NY, USA.
2012 FRUIT SALAD, Glasgow, UK.
2012 0_100 9, Milan, Italy.
2012 Opak #11, Berlin, Germany.
2012 Vice #12, Paris, France.
2011 Suddeutche Zeitung Magazin #52, Munchen, Germany.
2011 BARTHOLOMEW by JSBJ, Paris, France.
2011 DISTURBER #1, Bologna, Italy.
2011 L’imparfaite magazine #3, Paris, France.
2011 Pig Mag #92, Milan, Italy.
2010 Rolling Stone 87, Milan, Italy.
2010 5,6 magazine #5, Kiev, Ukraine.
2009 Concrete and me #2, Budapest, Hungary.
2007 Concret #4, Gdansk, Poland.

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