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Shoshana Kessler (f)
Writer in Residence

Herkunftsland: United Kingdom
KKA-Residency: 2019
Webseite: http://www.hurststreetpress.co.uk/

Portraitfoto: Shoshana Kessler
Portraitfoto: Shoshana Kessler
©Nam Rao
Shoshana Kessler is a writer and printer based in Oxford and London. In 2015, she co-founded Hurst Street Press, an independent press devoted to publishing innovative and under-represented voices in literature and art. She is a member of the London Centre for Book Arts and previously held the 2017 Georgia Fee Artist Residency in Paris.

2015-ongoing: Director and book-artist (Hurst Street Press)
Role: Creating limited edition artist books of new writing and art. I work as the book-artist and senior editor for each publication, overseeing the design and physical construction of each book, alongside publishing the works.
Writing - ongoing.
2017-18: The Oxonian Review
2016-2017: Editorial Assistant (The White Review)
2015-2016: IRIS
2016: The London Magazine
2012: The Guardian

2015-ongoing: Committee Member/Events (Friction Talks)
Role: Organising literary and art events such as readings, in-conversations, and film screenings in accessible democratic spaces around Oxford, including the Oxford University TORCH ‘Great Writers Inspire at Home’ series.

2017: ArtSlant Georgia Fee Artist Residency
I was awarded the 2017 Georgia Fee Artist Residency to re-typeset and print Hope Mirrlees’s 1919 modernist poem, Paris, a Poem, in a number of artist books. During the residency, I employed a mixture of traditional and contemporary methods of production to create the piece. This involved working with classic Parisian and English typefaces alongside antique paper and ephemera from 1920’s Paris, alongside modern technologies (sound-recordings, risograph, photography) to investigate the everyday language of a city, juxtaposed against its history.

2017: Vernissage: Paris, a Poem. Berkeley Books of Paris, 8 Rue Casimir Delavigne
IRIS III. Modern Art Oxford
IRIS II. OVADA gallery and development warehouse, 14a Osney Lane, Oxford
IRIS I - 2016, Ruskin School of Art, 30 Pembroke St, Oxford

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