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Gergana Dimitrova (f)
Writer in Residence

Herkunftsland: Bulgarien
KKA-Residency: 2016
Webseite: http://www.36monkeys.org

Portrait Gergana Dimitrova
Portrait Gergana Dimitrova
©Vasil Tanev
Graduated as Master of Arts in Cultural Studies (specialization in theory of culture) from the University of Sofia (2000), in Theatre Directing from Ernst Busch School for Performing Arts in Berlin (2005) and the National Academy of Theatre & Film in Sofia (2007). Worked 1 year as an Assistant Director at the Staatsschauspiel Dresden. Staged 17 theater performances in Bulgaria and Germany: 5 in state-run theatres and 12 independent. (Fuck You, Eu.ro.Pa!, by Nikoleta Eminescu; Ms. Smilla’s Sense of Snow, based on Peter Høeg’s novel; 4 Rooms, based on the screenplay of the movie of the same name; Moskaw-Petuschki, a poem by Venedict Erofeev; Time To Love, Time To Die, by Fritz Kater; Die Geschichte von den Pandabären [The Story of Panda Bears: a Short Story for Saxophone Player with a Girlfriend in Frankfurt], by Matei Visniec; Wrong Side Up, by Petr Zelenka, 6 editions of the ProText project – new German, new French, new Romanian and new Bulgarian plays, four authors’ miniatures on the subject of “time” in architectural space premiered at Central Mineral Baths, Sofia), new German drama. Co-author and director of: Quark Time ( https://vimeo.com/81876682 ), P.O.Box:Unabomber, Cinderellas Ltd.

Founder, director and project manager of 36 Monkeys, a NGO for Contemporary Alternative Art and Culture since 2007.

Founder and member of the managing board of ACT, an Association for independent theatre since 2009.

Translator of 17 contemporary plays from German into Bulgarian, translator of Postdramatic Theatre, by Hans-Thies Lehmann and other articles in field theatre.

Author of the theatre texts Eva Bechstein - the night of the bats; PO BOX:Unabomber, co-authored with Zdrava Kamenova, co-author of the miniature Quark Time in ProText 5 project, wrote some articles for German and Bulgarian magazines; adapted 3 novels for staging. Authored the ProText project concept On-Stage Reading Performances of New Drama in Non-Theatrical Spaces by 36 Monkeys Organization.

Took part in many international festivals like Theatertreffen in Berlin, Neue Stücke Mühlheim, flow festival, Varna Summer and others.

In 2002, was awarded Askeer prize for debut for the performance The Diary of Bridget Johnes, nomination for the MM-TV 2002 best music video for Mr NoOne by Gravity Co. 2012
2012 - Ikarus prize for directing of PO BOX: Unabomber (Premiere: November 2011)
2012- Ikarus prize for dramaturgy of PO BOX: Unabomber
2014- Ikarus prize for dramaturgy of Cinderellas Ltd.
Many other nomination for awards for her performances.

Works in the field of new theatrical forms, experimental performing arts and new European drama, cultural policies.

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