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Demetris Shammas (m)
Artist in Residence

Herkunftsland: Zypern
KKA-Residency: 2018
Webseite: http://www.shammas.xyz

Porträtfoto Demetris Shammas
Porträtfoto Demetris Shammas
©Demetris Shammas
Demetris Shammas (b.1984) is a Cyprus-based architect–turned–information artist. He holds
a master’s degree from the Chair for Computer Aided Design at ETH Zurich and a Diploma of
Architecture from the NTU-Athens, and has taught algorithmic design at the ETH Zurich and at the Basel Academy of Art and Design. His work uses the poetic overlay of the digital and the natural, to form instances of ‘algorithmic experience’. It is driven by an attraction towards the unrepresentable, the unbuilt; by an eagerness to examine the possible as that which can never be fully captured. The steps are themselves uncertain and mixed with arbitrarily set rules, as they follow at first a ‘recording of experience’, then a ‘de–coding of experience’ and finally a ‘re–composition of a virtual interpretation’ that can again be brought into the real.

2012-2013: Chair for Computer Aided Design, ETH Zürich, Switzerland, Master of Advanced Studies in Computer Aided Design
2004-2011: School of Architecture, National Technical University of Athens, Greece. Diploma of Architecture

2012-present: Freelance Creative Coder
2016-2018: ETH Zurich, Dep. Architektur, Chair for Digital Building Technologies [CH], Research Assistant
2012-2014: ETH Zurich, Dep. Architektur, Chair for Computer Aided Architectural Design [CH],
2013: Spillmann Echsle Architekten, Zurich [CH], Freelance Photographer
2012: OM Meletitiki, Athens [GR], Junior Architect
2011: Kokkinou Kourkoulas Architects, Athens [GR], Junior Architect

2016-2017: ETH Zurich, Dep. Architektur, Chair for DBT [CH]. Spatial Extrusion 3D Printing.
2016: Mapping Festival, Geneva [CH]. Sound Spatialisation in Immersive VR Environments Workshop.
ETH Zurich, Dep. Architektur, Chair for CAAD [CH]. Introduction to Programming, Java and Arduino.
Basel Academy of Art and Design, Institute Integrative Design [CH]. Algorithmic Design Workshop on Principal Component Analysis.

2015: Project “Phenomena” was a finalist for the MoMA PS1 Young Architects Program 2015 Competition (with Dillenburger B., Hansmeyer M.).
Project “The Irrational Instrument” shortlisted in Algodeq International Programming Competition [JP].
Selected Artist–in–Residence at D’ClinicStudios [SI].
2012: Offered Fellowship Award by the Department of Digital+Media, Rhode Island School of Design [US].
2009: Iaeste Scholarship for 3–month Traineeship Programme in Rudniy [KZ].
2008: Iaeste Scholarship for 3–month Traineeship Programme in Kumasi [GH].

Athens Digital Arts Festival [GR]. Things Inside Other Things
The Open West, Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum [UK].
Los Angeles Center for Digital Art [US].
2014: D’ClinicStudios [SI] Sit. Move
Acadia, University of Waterloo [CA] (with Xydis A., Letkemann J.). Resinance
Milano Design Week [IT] (with Yoshida H., Cantoni G., Pagliaro P.). Digitized Grain
2012: First Biennale of Thessaloniki [GR]. Buffer Zone
2008: Un-built exhibition at the Athens Byzantine Museum [GR]. Extracting Hill

Envelope II Audiovisual Festival [CY]. Five Loci
Chakana Project [CH]. Chakana
2016: Envelope I Audiovisual Festival [CY]. Colored Samplers
2015: Athens Digital Arts Festival [GR]. Sciss Cut
ASFF BAFTA Qualifying Film Festival [UK].
Festival Les Instants Vidéo [FR].
Videoformes Digital Arts Festival [FR].
Arcanum Video Festival [SI].
Beacons Music and Arts Festival, Yorkshire Dales [UK]. 1 Street 11 Times
TED 30th Anniversary Conference, Vancouver [CA]. Digital Grotesque Film
Digital Post–Modernities Symposium, Yale University [US].
Fabricate ‘14 Conference, Zurich [CH].

2018: Thessaloniki Concert Hall [GR]. The House
Byob Festival, Nicosia [CY]. Colorphyll
Katichitiko, Nicosia [CY]. Katoptron
Afro Banana Republic Festival [CY]. Up the Hill
Exodus Transformational Festival [CY]. Exodus
Nicosia Youth Festival [CY]. Cactic rods
2014: Seven Sins Event, Delft [NL] (as PUNCH Collective). Shifting Perspectives
2010: Eleftheria Square, Nicosia [CY]. Rift
2009: Gates of the Athens Polytechnic [GR]. A+cross

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