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Giorgia Conceição (f)

Herkunftsland: Brasilien
KKA-Residency: 2016
Webseite: http://giorgiaconceicao.wordpress.com

Artist in Residence Giorgia Conceição (aka Miss G)
Giorgia Conceição (aka Miss G)
©Giorgia Conceição (aka Miss G)
Geb. Curitiba, Brazil, 1981

Giorgia has developed her work by blurring the limits between contemporary live art and burlesque performance. This means she walks in between the fields of arts (producing performances, video, photos, urban interference) as well as a more underground scene (in parties, music concerts and non artistic events).
She has a Masters in Performing Arts (Federal University of Bahia, Brazil). In her studies, she has worked on developing the concept of “burla”, a Latin word extracted from the frame of the burlesque genre (the substantive burla generates the adjective burlesque). Burla presents itself as a strategy for the creation of the body which wants to heal from its scars, some of which are gender related, as well as those deriving from colonialism and stereotyping, giving visibility to powers and characteristics prevented from developing within the discourses of colonial and rationalist tradition.

Recent Grants and Prizes
Rumos Itaú Cultural Program 2014/2015 (São Paulo, Brazil)
Rumos Itaú Cultural Theater Program 2011/2012 (São Paulo,Brazil).
Most Innovative Work Award - MADATAC 2010 (Madrid,Spain)
Rumos Itaú Cultural Dance Program 2009/2010 (São Paulo,Brazil)

Performing Arts / Master Degree
March 2011 - March 2013, FEDERAL UNIVERSITY OF BAHIA. Salvador, Brazil.
Dramatic Literature and Theater / Postgrad
Curitiba, Brazil.
Performing Arts - Theater Direction / Bachelor Degree
March 2001 - December 2004, FACULDADE DE ARTES DO PARANÁ
(COLLEGE OF ARTS). Curitiba, Brazil.

Solo Exhibition
Walesa Iconográfica: as aventuras de uma garota nos centros
da cidade, 2011, Curitiba, Brazil

Group Exhibitions
Tupi or not Tupi, 2014, Oscar Niemeyer Museum, Curitiba, Brazil
Immoderate Bodies: Couve-Flor Video Performances, 2012/2013, New York City, USA

Shows as an Invited Performer
Batucada, 2016, Festival de Curitiba - Curitiba, BRAZIL.
Retrospective, 2013, Festival Interação e Conectividade - Salvador, BRAZIL.
Japan Syndrome ~ step 2 - Inside of the ball, 2012, Kyoto Experiment Performing Arts Festival - Kyoto, JAPAN.
Panorama Festival - Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL.

Burlesque Acts, 2016 (since 2008, multiple cities)
Cheap Cut - Burlesque Meat Show, 2015 Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, BRAZIL
Technomaravilha, 2013 (since 2010), São Luís, Salvador, Curitiba, BRAZIL
El Gran Cabaret Porno, 2012, São Paulo, BRAZIL
Burlescas, 2009/2010, Curitiba; São Paulo; Ribeirão Preto, BRAZIL
Salmon Nela, 2010 (since 2007), São Paulo, Salvador, Curitiba, BRAZIL

Burlesque Workshops, 2016/2015, Niteroi, São Paulo (Instituto Itaú Cultural), Curitiba.
Acting Teacher, 2010/2007, FACULDADE DE ARTES DO PARANÁ (College of Arts)

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