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Selma Selman + Chongha Peter Lee   (m)
Artist in Residence

Herkunftsland: Bosnien-Herzegowina/USA
KKA-Residency: 2019

Over the last three years Selma Selman and Chonga Peter Lee have formed a fluid collaboration that weaves together both of their individual and collective practices and research trajectories. The common thread anchoring the two artists is a non-binary, complex but comfortable approach to socially-engaged art, research and pedagogy.

Selma Selman
Chonga Peter Lee

Ongoing - Bridge - platform for integrating image production with ethical redistributions of wealth.
Ongoing - Children Intelligence Agency - project for redesigning curriculums that synthesize standard formal literacies along with informal skills such as overcoming poverty, ostracization and social exclusion.
Ongoing - The No School - Ongoing project for integrating disparate knowledge fields improvised pedagogical situations in everyday settings like kitchens, streets, cafes and parties.

Their work, “Children’s Intelligence Agency” was presented at EMSUB, a military academy of Colombia (2018), “Superposition 3 – Attacking the Attack”, Rijeka, Croatia (2018). “I wish I had German Passport”, Regensburg, Germany (2017). ‘’Happy Birthday”, Washington, D.C. (2018). Guest Lecturer at George Mason University (2018). “Upside Down World”, Washington, D.C. (2018)

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