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Bronwyn Lace (f)
Artist in Residence

Herkunftsland: Südafrika
KKA-Residency: 2016

Portrait Bronwyn Lace
Portrait Bronwyn Lace
©Bronwyn Lace
Higher Education
2004 Bachelor of Arts, Fine Arts, University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg
2006 Psychology 101 and Psychology in Society, UNISA, Pretoria
2008 German language A 1.1.1, Goethe Institute, Johannesburg
2009 German language A 1.1.2 & A 2.1 Goethe Institute, Johannesburg
2011 German language B 2.1 Goethe Institute, Berlin, Germany
Lace, who was born in Francistown, Botswana in 1980, works primarily in installation and performance and
participates in national and international projects focusing on the relationships between art and other fields,
including physics, museum practice and education. In collaboration with Marcus Neustetter, Lace has initiated
various community and land art projects in small towns within South Africa. From 2006 – 2010, she ran the About
Art education and exhibition programme at The Bag Factory Artists' Studios. She currently sits on the board of
the David and Goliath Foundation and is an assistant to the curator of the South African Broadcasting
Corporation (SABC) art collection. In addition, Lace has recently completed a book and film related to
her collaborative project 'Sutherland Reflections' with Africa meets Africa, an organisation that produces
illustrated educator’s resource books, films and classroom learning materials. In 2009 and 2010 she was listed in
the Mail and Guardian as one of the top 200 Young South Africans. Lace completed a BAFA in 2004 from the
University of Witwatersrand.

2013 'Nirox' joint residency with Marcus Neustetter at the Nirox Foundation Cradle of Humankind, RSA
2010 ‘Ampersand’ joint residency with Marcus Neustetter at The Ampersand Foundation New York City, USA
2010 ‘Influx/Reflux/Reflex’, guest curator for collaborative project by CASA Africa and Embassy of Spain South
Africa Las Palmas, Canary Islands
2009 ‘Influx/Reflux/Reflex’, guest curator for collaborative project by CASA Africa and Embassy of Spain South
Africa Valencia, Spain

2014 Flagship project for National Arts Council of South Africa for ‘Sutherland Reflections’, Johannesburg, RSA
2013 Finalist for International Award for Public Art for ‘Sutherland Reflections’, USA and CHINA
2011 Goethe Institute German Language Course scholarship, Berlin, DR
2010 Mail and Guardian Top 300 Young People to Take to Lunch, Johannesburg, RSA
2010 University of Witwatersrand Alumni award, Johannesburg, RSA
2009 Mail and Guardian Top 300 Young People to Take to Lunch, Johannesburg, RSA
2009 Art South Africa Bright Young Things, Johannesburg, RSA

Public Presentations
2014 Valedictorian art speech for St Mary’s School for Girls, Johannesburg, RSA
2013 Project presentation with Africa meets Africa and Marcus Neustetter at National Museum of African Art,
Smithsonian, Washington DC USA
2012 Johannesburg Workshop in Theory and Criticism (JWTC) at CIRCAonJellico, Johannesburg, RSA
2012 DAAD alumni conference 'Change by Exchange: in Higher Education and Research Transformation in
South Africa and Germany' at University of Cape Town, Cape Town, RSA
2011 'International Office of Astronomical Awareness' at South African Astronomical Observatory (SAAO), Cape
Town, RSA
2011 'Building the Scientific Mind' conference at Sustainability Institute Stellenbosch, RSA
2011 'Johannesburg Public Art Conference' at Johannesburg Art Gallery by Trinity Session and Johannesburg
Development Agency (JDA), Johannesburg, RSA
2010 Artist talk for Architecture.AZA2010, Johannesburg, RSA
2010 Artist talk with Marcus Neustetter at National Museum of African Art, Smithsonian, Washington DC USA
2009 ‘On Making’ colloquium at University of Johannesburg, RSA
2007 Visiting lecturer on conceptualization and analysis at Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, The Netherlands
as artist/activist...

Solo/Two Person Exhibitions
2014 ‘Teeming’, solo exhibition at SpekePhotographic, Johannesburg, RSA
2013 ‘Resuscitate’, solo exhibition at Nirox Project Space, Johannesburg, RSA
2012 'A Tendency Towards Complexity', solo exhibition at CIRCAonJellico, Johannesburg, RSA
2012 'Sutherland Reflections' collaborative exhibition with Marcus Neustetter, Speke Photographic,
Johannesburg, RSA
2010 'En Masse' collaborative project and exhibition with Anthea Moys, The Bag Factory, Johannesburg, RSA
2009 ‘Sutherland Reflected’ collaborative exhibition with Marcus Neustetter, Goethe on Main, Johannesburg,
2009 ‘Unit for Measure’, with Vaughn Sadie at Sci-Bono Discovery Centre, Johannesburg, RSA
2008 ‘Negentrophy’ (land art piece) Newtown, Johannesburg, RSA
2007 ‘The Bell Shaped Curve’ Durban University of Technology Gallery, Durban, RSA.
2006 ‘77/21’ Parking Gallery, Johannesburg, RSA.
2006 ‘Irrational’. Outlet gallery, Pretoria, RSA.
2006 ‘1.618’. Young Artists Project, KZNSA gallery, Durban, RSA.

Permanent Public Art Pieces
2014 ‘Place of Light’, commissioned by Propertuity for the entrance of Market Up building
2013 ‘Phototaxis’, commissioned by Propertuity for the entrance of Artisan Lofts
2009 - 2011 ‘Pageview/Fietas Subway’, commissioned by The Trinity Session and 26’10 South Architects to
create a public artwork for the Johannesburg Development Agency, Johannesburg RSA
2009 ‘Bus Rapid Transit’, commissioned glass artwork by the Johannesburg Development Agency, Soweto RSA

2015 Read Collection, Johannesburg, RSA
2015 Elegance, Johannesburg, RSA
2013/2014 Propertuity, Johannesburg, RSA
2013 Spier Wine Estate, Stellenbosch, RSA
2011 Life Collection, Main Street Life, Johannesburg, RSA
2010 Durban Art Gallery Collection Durban, RSA
2009/2014 Nirox Collection, Cradle of Humankind, RSA
2007 Durban University of Technology Collection Durban, RSA

2009 - 2015 ‘Sutherland Reflections’ collaborative art/science community research project, conceptualized,
created and managed in collaboration with Marcus Neustetter, Sutherland, RSA
2012 - 2013 'The Africa meets Africa project' a project and production manager as will as art director for the
creation of the educational resource film and book 'My Room at the Centre of the Universe'
2010 - 2011 'EnMasse' an interdisciplinary research and conceptual development project towards the creation
of viable public space in South Africa, the project is in collaboration with Anthea Moys, Johannesburg RSA
2008- 2010 ‘Influx/Reflex/Reflux’ South African curator for an exchange project between Spanish and South
African artists at Map ZAR in Richmond and The Nirox Foundation in The Cradle of Humankind, RSA
Salla Parpallo in Valencia, Spain and Le Regenta in Las Palmas, The Canary Islands
2006 - 2010 'About Art’ curator and education officer at The Bag Factory, Fordsburg, Johannesburg RSA
2008 - 2010 'Democracy Begins in Conversation' board member and volunteer as part of the Living Together
Institute in Johannesburg, RSA
2007 - 2008 ‘Cascoland’ D.I.Y architectural and art collaborative project between International and South
African artists and architects Johannesburg (2007) and Durban (2008), RSA
2006 - 2007 www.saartsemerging.org, co-founded a website featuring emerging South African artists, RSA
2004 ‘Negotiate' Johannesburg Art Gallery: 4 shows over 4 months in celebration of 10 Years of Democracy,
Johannesburg, RSA

Selected Group Exhibitions
2015 ‘Winter Sculpture Fair’, Nirox Foundation, Cradle of Humankind, RSA
2015 ‘Empire’ Everard Read Gallery, Cape Town, RSA
2014 ‘Winter Sculpture Fair’, Nirox Foundation, Cradle of Humankind, RSA
2013 ‘Southern Guild’. MOAD, Johannesburg, RSA
2013 'After the Rainbow Nation' curated by Mary Jane Darrol, Cradle of Humankind, RSA
2012 'Third Paradise - First Worldwide Day of Rebirth', Cittadellarte Fondazione Pistoletto South African
participation: Nirox Foundation, Cradle of Humankind, RSA
2012 'Southern Guild', Everard Read, Johannesburg, RSA
2011 'Living as Form', Creative Time Institute, New York, USA
2011 'Horse: multiple views on a singular beast', Everard Read, Curated by Ricky Burnett, Johannesburg, RSA
2011 '2010 Reasons to Live in a Small Town', Goethe on Main, curated by VANSA, Johannesburg, RSA
2011 'Collaborations/Articulations', FADA Gallery, UJ curated by Brendan Gray, Johannesburg, RSA
2010 '2012', Space Gallery, Rosebank, Johannesburg, RSA
2009 ‘(No)thing’ UCA gallery, Observatory, Cape Town, RSA
2009 ‘Adding Subtractions’ The Bag Factory, curated by Daniella Geo of Brazil, Johannesburg, RSA,
2009 ‘Double Body’ FADA Gallery, UJ curated by Anthea Buys, Johannesburg, RSA,
2009 ‘Oudtshoorn Trace’ ABSA KKNK Festival, in collaboration with Marcus Neustetter and curated by Johan
Myburgh, Oudtshoorn, RSA
2009 ‘Social Pattern’ AVA Gallery, curated by Kirsty Cockerill, Cape Town, RSA
2008 ‘Traces’ Nirox Foundation, a collaborative performance and installation with Marcus Neustetter,
commissioned by VISI magazine, The Cradle of Humankind, RSA
2008 ‘The Fun House’ The Bag Factory, a collaborative performance piece with musicians Phanuel Masike and
Stompie Selibe, Johannesburg, RSA,
2008 ‘Trajectory’ The Snowflake Building, Aardklop, RSA
2008 ‘Rites of Passage/Rites of Fealty’ a group show of performance artists, Johannesburg, RSA,
2008 ‘Aftermath’ Art Extra, a group show curated by David Brodie, Johannesburg, RSA
2008 ‘Youth (The Inner Reflection)’, Muvart Gallery, show featuring artists from South Africa, Zimbabwe and
Mozambique dealing with themes around youth, Maputo, Mozambique
2007 ‘Away’ Richmond, group show of artists featured in the A Look Away Publication, Northern Cape, RSA
2007 ‘Re-Action’ The Bag Factory, group show of performance artists, Johannesburg, RSA
2007 ‘Love You Positive or Negative’ Alliance Francais, an HIV Aids fundraising exhibition, Paris, France
2006 ‘Parking Gallery Show’. The Cape Africa Platform gallery, Cape Town, RSA
2006 ‘AardKlop’, part of the Sasol group show, Potchefstroom, RSA
2006 ‘Sasol New Signatures’, Pretoria Art Museum, awarded with certificate of acknowledgement, Pretoria, RSA
as curator...

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