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Tea Kovše (f)
Cultural Educator in Residence

Herkunftsland: Slowenien
KKA-Residency: 2018

Porträtfoto Tea Kovše
Porträtfoto Tea Kovše
©Nika Hölcl Praper
Tea Kovše, born 1988, is a puppeteer that explores performing area within puppetry field, contemporary dance and street theatre. Together with choreographer Katja Vravnik, she developed method SHADOW DANCE – combination of shadow theatre and contemporary dance.

After completing BA Dramaturgy she moved to Ravne na Koroškem where she co-founded Gledališče DELA (Theatre of WORK) – performative theatre based on contemporary dance, puppetry and music. Their ideas for performances deals with social relations and take phenomenon such as; boredom, burnout, mindset and stigma. Ordinary people`s everyday events are more interested for them as Shakespeare`s drama.

She developed Puppet Parkour – urban puppetry with wooden table puppet. Method is based on classical table puppetry combined with urban sport parkour.

Her hobby is to spread a virus of “book terrorism”.

She works together with Katja Vravnik.

2016: Summer scriptwritting Sofia, Veliko Tarnovo, Gabrovtsi (Bolgaria).
2015/2016: School of street theatre theatre (Theatre Ana Monro, Ljubljana)
2015: Intensive short education of Interactive and physical theatre, KUD LJUD, Slovenia
2014: Bachelor of Dramaturgy, Academy for theatre, radio, film and television, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
2012: School of design – Wood, Maribor, Slovenia.
2011/2012: Erasmus exchange at DAMU (Alternative and puppet theatre department), Czech republic.
2011: Summer art school – puppet animation in Serbia, Niš, Serbia.
2007-2009: School of puppet animation, Brane Vižintin, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

IN THE MOMENT (puppet-dance street performance, coproduction with CCB Pliberk/Bleiburg, Austria)
cRazy Brawe world (performance based on motives of the book Brawe new world, Aldous Huxley)
VIDA (street performance)
MY NAME IS VIDA (shadow dance performance)
LIVING ON RESERVE (performance about human minds
KICK IN THE BRAIN (perfomnce based on book Mein Kampf, A. Hitler)
TOTAL BOREDOM (performance of absurd)
JEBOLA, RATHER STAY HOME (visual performance) - 23. October 2015
WAITING FOR CAFE (interactive exhibition)
JEBOLA (street performance)
SOUNDPERFORMANCE IN 4 ACTS (performance for European project Work with sounds)
RAINBOW OF CREATING THE WORLD (storytelling for adults)
KULTOROPOLY (interactive performance in 11 rooms)
O, EMOR, NI AJILUJ! (musical performance)
2014: BEWARE WORK! (music-puppet performance for adults)
2013: JUNK (puppet-music performance for adults about folk tales)
2012: LIVING HORROR (puppet-music horror performance for adults)
2011: FROM T-SHIRT TO SHIRT (solo puppet performance for adults)

2018: PUPPET PAKOUR (puppet animation workshop for table puppet-wood)
2017: PUPPET POLYGON (inovative workshops for children)
THEATRE WORKSHOPS (stage and street theatre workshops for children and youth)
SHADOW DANCE METHOD (shadow dance theatre workshops)
FIRST THEATRE SCHOOL IN SLOVENIAN CARINTHIA (puppetry-dance theatre workshops)
2015-present: BOOK MUSCLE (workshops and actions for youth people in library – Koroška osrednja knjižnica dr. Franca Sušnika Ravne na Koroškem)
2014-present: PUPPET ANIMATION (weekly workshops)
THEATRE SCHOOL FOR ELDERY with final production, Koroški medgeneracijski center
THEATRE SCHOOL in ALTRA INSTITUTION (institution for people with mental illness)
STREET THEATRE (workshops in social Institution for youth – KAVARNA PLUS)

2014: Artistic director, dramaturge, puppeer in company Theatre of Work, Slovenia.
2015: Project manager and mentoring at The dr. Franc Sušnik central Carinthian library, Slovenia
2013: Asistent in Puppet design workshop in Puppet theatre Ljubljana, Slovenia.
2012/2013: Coordinator of international theatre workshops in festival Histeria, Slovenia.
2012: Dramaturgy in puppet performance for adults The Hole, director Matija Solce, Puppet theatre of Ljubljana, Slovenia.
2008: Asistence of directing in puppet performance for children, director Jan Zakonjšek, Puppet theatre Ljubljana, Slovenia.

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