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Srđan Keča (m)
Artist in Residence

Herkunftsland: Serbien
KKA-Residency: 2015
Webseite: http://skeca.com

Portrait Srdjan Stoikovic
©Sara Stojkovic
Srđan Keča is a film director and visual artist. After studying physics at the University of Belgrade, he moved on to learn about documentary filmmaking at the Paris-based Ateliers Varan. In 2011 he received his M.A. from the UK National Film and Television School (NFTS). He has been living in Serbia again since 2012.

His projects include Mirage, an experimental documentary exploring the marks of displacement and longing in the city of Dubai; A Letter to Dad, an essay-film about family, war and forgetting; and Museum of the Revolution, a multi-channel video installation about one of the most important buildings of socialist Yugoslavia, which was never built.

His films have been consistently screening in leading documentary festivals: IDFA, DOK Leipzig, Full Frame, Jihlava etc. His NFTS graduation film Mirage won the Best Central and Eastern European Documentary award at the 2012 Jihlava IDFF and the Cottbus Discovery Award at the 2011 Cottbus Film Festival, among others. His first year NFTS film A Letter to Dad premiered in competition at IDFA and won the Best Balkan Documentary award at Dokufest 2011. The two films screened in more than 100 festivals worldwide and gathered much critical acclaim.

More recently, his 3-channel video installation Museum of the Revolution opened at the 2014 Venice Biennale of Architecture. Flotel Europa, a feature-length documentary essay he produced and edited, premieres at the 2015 Berlinale. He is developing his first feature-length fiction, Araf.

Selected Filmography
(director, producer, cinematographer and editor)

2015 Flotel Europa (feature, in post-production) editor/co-producer
2014 Museum of the Revolution (3-ch. video installation) director/cinematographer
2013 Escape (short documentary) director/producer/cinematographer
2012 The Real Social Network (feature documentary) director/cinematographer (co-directed with Ludovica Fales and Isis Thompson)
2011 Mirage (medium-length documentary) director/producer/cinematographer
2011 A Letter to Dad (medium-length documentary) director/cinematographer
2008 The Caviar Connection (feature documentary) cinematographer
2006 After the War (medium-length documentary) director/producer/cinematographer


2009-2011 National Film and Television School – M.A. Film and Television - Documentary Directing
2004-2005 Ateliers Varan – Diploma in Documentary Directing
2001-2003 University of Belgrade – Theoretical and Experimental Physics

Informal, Self-Directed Education & Training:

2012 Berlinale Talent Campus, Berlin, Germany
2011 IDFA Academy, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2008 Aristoteles Filmmaking Workshop, Sibiu, Romania

Selected Awards/Grants/Scholarships

2012 Best Central and East European Documentary - Jihlava International Documentary Festival, Jihlava, Czech Republic (for Mirage)
2012 Best Short Documentary – London Short Film Festival, London, UK (for Mirage)
2012 Best Film up to 10,000 Bucks – Cinema City International Film Festival, Novi Sad, Serbia (for Mirage)
2012 Best Serbian Documentary and FIPRESCI Serbia Best Documentary – Beldocs, Belgrade, Serbia (for A Letter to Dad)
2009-2011 David Munro Memorial Scholar, NFTS, UK
2011 Best Balkan Documentary – Dokufest 2011, Prizren, Kosovo (for A Letter to Dad)
2011 Silver Eye Award Nominee – Institute of Documentary Film, Czech Republic (for A Letter to Dad)
2011 Cottbus Discovery Award – Filmfestival Cottbus, Cottbus, Germany (for Mirage)
2011 Winner – Pravo Ljudski Film Festival, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (for Mirage)
2011 Best City Film Special Mention – Open City London Documentary Festival, UK (for Mirage)
2007 1st Prize – Mediterraneo Film Festival, Salerno, Italy (for After the War)
2006 Best Documentary – Balkan Black Box Festival, Berlin, Germany (for After the War)
2006 Audience Award – DokumentArt Film Festival, Neubrandenburg, Germany (for After the War)

Key Screenings and Exhibitions

2015 (upcoming)

Artists Film International, Whitechapel Gallery, London, UK (Museum of the Revolution, single channel installation). Also at program partner's venues: GAMeC / Galleria d'Arte Moderna, Italy; Fundación Proa, Argentina; Ballroom Marfa, Texas, USA; City Gallery Wellington, New Zealand; San Art, Vietnam; Para/Site, China; Belgrade Cultural Centre, Serbia; Cinémathèque de Tanger, Morocco; New Media Center, Israel; Neuer Berliner Kunstverein Video-Forum, Germany; Istanbul Modern, Istanbul, Turkey; Centre for Contemporary Arts Afghanistan, Afghanistan; KINOKINO Centre for Art and Film, Norway; Project 88, India; Hanoi DOCLAB, Vietnam


Biennale di Venezia – 14th Venice Biennale of Architecture – Pavilion of Serbia (Museum of the Revolution, 3-channel installation)
I want to speak about the war, group exhibition, Klovicevi Dvori Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia and Collegium Artisticum, Sarajevo (A Letter to Dad, video loop)
Nordisk Panorama, Malmö, Sweden (A Letter to Dad)
International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala, India (A Letter to Dad)
This Human World, Vienna, Austria (Escape)
Watch Docs, Warsaw, Poland (Escape)


DOK Leipzig, Leipzig, Germany (Escape and A Letter to Dad)
Unseen Photo Fair Amsterdam - film programme curated by IDFA (A Letter to Dad)
Sarajevo Film Festival, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Escape)
Balkan Documentary Competition, Dokufest 2011, Prizren, Kosovo (Escape)
Penn Museum, Penn State University, USA (A Letter to Dad)
Festival du cinéma de Brive - Rencontres européennes du moyen métrage, Brive, France (Mirage)
London Short Film Festival, London, UK (The First Step)
ZagrebDox, Zagreb, Croatia (A Letter to Dad)


Official Selection - Full Frame Documentary Festival, Durham, USA (A Letter to Dad)
International Documentary Competition, Trieste Film Festival 2012, Trieste, Italy (A Letter to Dad)
Jihlava International Documentary Festival, Jihlava, Czech Republic (Mirage)
Documentary Competition - Filmfestival goEast, Wiesbaden, Germany (A Letter to Dad)
Docaviv, Tel Aviv, Israel (Mirage + The Real Social Network)
London International Documentary Festival, London, UK (A Letter to Dad)
London Short Film Festival 2012, London, UK (Mirage)
Aye Aye Film Festival, Nancy, France (A Letter to Dad)


IDFA 2011, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (A Letter to Dad)
Filmfestival Cottbus 2011, Cottbus, Germany (Mirage)
Balkan Documentary Competition, Dokufest 2011, Prizren, Kosovo (A Letter to Dad)
International Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam 2011, The Netherlands (Mirage)
Rencontres Henri Langlois 2011, Poitiers, France (Mirage)


BFI Sight & Sound (on Mirage):
"The National Film and Television School produced a bumper crop of documentaries in 2011, including this sumptuous visual exploration of Dubai. Director Keca balances the stunning landscapes of the city – from its beautiful but brutal sand dunes to the innumerable glittering towers of Babel that line the empty streets – with the earthy sweat of the people who live and work there, in glorious luxury or abject poverty." – Dylan Cave
East European Film Bulletin (on A Letter to Dad):
"What distinguished Keca from the post-World War II generation of the 60s, the post-Vietnam generation of the 80s, and perhaps from his own post-Soviet Union generation, is a lack of accusation. Here is a director looking for a truth he does not seem to have found before making his film. Indeed, Keca is reluctant to tear conclusions from the sometimes shocking accounts of the people he interviews. In that, his film differs from the inculpating discourse of other films exploring the past. (...) Keca forces one to raise one's eyebrows in astonishment. Reality is banal. There might have been a war, massacres, and expulsion but after all, it's all about keeping one's house, driving a car, raising a family. Why one might go out to kill people is a second degree question. In Keca's film, it seems almost beside the point." – Moritz Pfeifer
Negativ Film Magazine (on A Letter to Dad, translated from German):
"Not for nothing, Keca is commited to the French essay-filmmaker Chris Marker as his source of inspiration: Like many works of the great idol, A Letter to Dad also acts like a kaleidoscopic composite patchwork of impressions and intimate finds. Nothing seems to have been planned in advance, but rather assembled by the director from findings on an intuitive exploration: fragments like photographs, video recordings, letters, different locations and conversations with relatives and friends of his father. These he ties with a voice-over - similar as in Sans Soleil - presented as a letter written to his father. Although Keca does question facts in some places, his fathers unclear motives for voluntary participation in the war and the subsequent divorce being turning points, A Letter to Dad is far from any political or moral intentions. Instead, it has become a film that always seems to emphasize that the most important of all is what the first glance shows, pragmatic objects and their personal or collective historical significance for the people." – Michael Brodski

Teaching Experience

2012-Present Faculty for Media and Communications, Belgrade, Serbia
Lecturer, Introduction to Documentary Film (now Basic Documentary Video Forms)
The course revolves around practical exercises and film screenings which serve as basis for discussing historical and contemporary issues in documentary filmmaking, especially examining the changing social role of documentary film.

2012-Present “Ko je vidio video” – Documentary filmmaking workshops, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and ACTive Documentary Film School, Prizren, Kosovo
Mentoring 16-25 year old students through their first experience of making a documentary film in workshops lasting 7-12 days.

2011 University of the Creative Arts, Farnham
Tutor, Storytelling workshop
Mentored groups of college students through the process of making a film using only

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