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Claudiu Komartin (m)
Writer in Residence

Herkunftsland: Rumänien
KKA-Residency: 2017

Porträt Foto Claudiu Komartin
Porträt Foto Claudiu Komartin
©Viorel Ilisoi
Claudiu Komartin (* 1983, Bucharest) is considered one of the top Romanian poets, translators and editors of his generation. He published four acclaimed poetry collections and he edited numerous volumes and anthologies of Romanian and international literature. His work has been widely translated, from Austria to South Korea.

His first poetry collection, Păpușarul și alte insomnii (“The Puppeteer And Other Insomnia”, 2003, 2007) won the most prestigious awards for literary debut (among which “Mihai Eminescu” National Award). He also published Circul domestic (“Domestic Circus”, 2005), which was awarded The Romanian Academy Poetry Prize, Un anotimp în Berceni (“A Season in Berceni”, 2009, 2010) and Cobalt (“Cobalt”, 2013). He is also co-author of two plays and of several anthologies of Romanian contemporary poetry. Komartin is preparing a new book, Maeștrii unei arte muribunde (“Masters of a Dying Art”), due to be published in 2017.

A selection from his work was translated in German by Georg Aescht (“Und wir werden die maschinen für uns weinen lassen”, Ed. Korrespondenzen, Vienna, 2012), in Serbian by Ljubinka Stankov Perinac (“Vrpce potaman za balu mesa”, Treći Trg, Belgrade, 2015) and in Turkish by Gökçenur Ç. (“Bir Garip Roman”, Yitik Ülke Yayınları, Istanbul, 2015). A Bulgarian version of “Cobalt”, translated by Lora Nenkovska, is forthcoming.

Claudiu Komartin translated poetry from English (Matthew Sweeney, Stephen Watts, Denise Duhamel, Goran Simić), French (Valéry Larbaud, Victor Segalen), Italian (Pier Paolo Pasolini, Cesare Pavese, Andrea Inglese), as well as several novels from French (JMG Le Clézio, Tahar Ben Jelloun, Philippe Claudel). He translated in Romanian books of contemporary poets from all around Europe, such as Ivan Hristov, Glen Calleja and Gökçenur Ç.

Komartin’s poetry was widely translated and he had readings and participated in international poetry festivals, book fairs and workshops in London, Paris, Vienna, Berlin, Graz, Belgrade, Prague, Zagreb, Sofia, Bratislava, Brussels, Madrid, San Sebastian, Novi Sad, Sarajevo, Stockholm, Göteborg, Arles, Druskininkai, Kishinev, Istanbul, Tel Aviv, Seoul.
Since 2010, Claudiu Komartin is editor-in-chief of “Poesis international” literary magazine and of “Max Blecher” Publishing House. He is also coordinating a popular reading club in Bucharest, “Institutul Blecher”, that reached its 144th edition.

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