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Kateryna Babkina (f)
Writer in Residence

Herkunftsland: Ukraine
KKA-Residency: 2018

Porträtfoto Kateryna Babkina
Porträtfoto Kateryna Babkina
©Alina Kondratenko
Kateryna Babkina (Катерина Бабкіна) is young and established Ukrainian writer and screenwriter. She’s an author of three poetry collections (St.Elmo’s fires 2002, The Mustard 2011, Painkillers and Sleeping pills 2014), one novel (Sonia, 2013) and two collections of stories (Leloo after you, 2008 and Happy naked people 2016).
She has also written 2 books for kids, which are extremely popular in Ukraine, the last one, The Cappy and the whale, dedicated to cancer sick kids became a big charity project in Ukraine and caused a huge wave of fun-art like toys, candies, posters, t-shirts and sweaters collection and even tattoos.

Her stories, essays and lyrics had been translated into English, Swedish, Polish, German, French, Spanish, Romanian, Check and Russian and published (as Kateryna Babkina or Katya Babkina) in Esquire Ukraine, Le Monde, Harper’s Bazaar, The Kenyon Review and Washington Square Review (USA), POEM (Great Britain), German-Polish magazine Radar and in a lot of anthologies, magazines and reviews in Ukraine, Poland, Romania and Germany. Play after her stories named “Hamlet Babylon” was staged in Kyiv, Vienna and Geneva.
Her books already were twice in long list of BBC Book of the year prise, in 2016 her novel was translated to German and published in Austria in Haymon Verlag (worldwide rights belong to Haymon Verlag). Kateryna Babkina’s book of poetry was published in Hebrew in June 2017 and released during Jerusalem Poetry Festival on June 12. Short stories collection “Happy naked people” was published in Polish in 2017 (Warksztaty Kultury).
There are few short movies based on her stories, filmed and shown on film festivals in Ukraine, Serbia and NYC, at 2016 short film after her script was screened at Cannes Film Festival in young director’s selection. She had participated as a journalist in the webdoc project Gol! Ukraine(for Le Monde and ARTE Documentaire ).

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