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Reuben Jelleyman (m)
Composer in Residence

Herkunftsland: Neuseeland
KKA-Residency: 2019
Webseite: http://www.reubenjelleyman.com

Portraitfoto: Reuben Jelleyman
Portraitfoto: Reuben Jelleyman
©Reuben Jelleyman
Reuben Jelleyman is a composer from New Zealand, previously based in Wellington. He has had works played by ensembles such as Avanti!, Ensemble Fractales, Stroma, and the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, and has been recognised at a national level with a nomination for the SOUNZ Contemporary Award in 2015.
Graduating from the New Zealand School of Music and Victoria University of Wellington in music and physics, Jelleyman’s artistic practice is both technical and poetic. Works include multimedia installations, as well as opera, orchestral and chamber music.

EDUCATION 2012-16:
Completion of a Bachelor of Music (B. Mus.) from Te Koki New Zealand School of Music, majoring in sonic art and instrumental/vocal composition.
Completion of a Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.) from Victoria University of Wellington, majoring in physics, and a minor in mathematics.

2018 OPERA
"The Garden of Forking Paths" (2015-16)
2 character (soprano | baritone), 1 act chamber opera, in 5 scenes, interweaving the narrative of the Jorge Luis Borges short story with various other texts. The story portrays the crisis of a double-agent fugitive, who in his flight is caught in the trap of his family heritage and of a scientific theory of multi-verses, which begins to imply itself on reality, until he is trapped in a labyrinth of reality; trapped in ’The Garden of Forking Paths’.
The surrealist literary influence of Tristan Tzara, viz. his poem Volta, provides the atmospheric and semantic structures: libretto morphs between French and English, whilst Virginia Woolf’s text from The Waves provides material of deeper introspection.
Permission for use text is authorised by Wylie for Penguin Books, on behalf of The Borges Estate.

Vespro(2017) Commissioned by the NZSO-NYO 2017; HueSaturation&Brightness(2016-17) Commissioned by the APO 2016-17 | recorded by NZSO 2018;
Strobe(2014-15), Co-winner of the NZSO Young Composers Award 2015;
Arc(2013), Finalist for the NZSO Young Composer Awards 2013;
SolarWind(2011), Awarded the SOUNZ Reading 2013.

Designs(2018) Commissioned by Stroma;
Variations for Piano & Violin (2018) Commissioned by Sarah Watkins and Andrew Beer;
Concertino for Piano & Five Instruments(2017-18) Commissioned by Liam Wooding;
orld Builder(2018), Written for Ensemble Fractales for ’Just Composed’ at ISA 2018;
Projective Geometry [theatre version](2016), for percussion trio and tape 2nd place in the Hong Kong International Percussion Convention Composition Award 2016;
(Re)invention (2016), for wind quintet, Selected as the Young Representative work for the Asian Composers League Festival in Vietnam 2016;
Analysis/Synthesis (2015), for piano trio Co-winner of the NZTrio Composing Composition 2015;

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