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Franciszek Araszkiewicz (m)
Composer in Residence

Herkunftsland: Polen
KKA-Residency: 2016
Webseite: http://www.araszkiewicz.fr

Portrait Franciszek Araszkiewicz
Portrait Franciszek Araszkiewicz
©Marta Ignatowicz
Franciszek Araszkiewicz (*1986) creates instrumental, vocal-instrumental, electroacoustic and audio-visual compositions as well as interactive installations, in addition to conceptual art and film music.

Studied composition at the Academy of Music in Krakow (2009-2013 under direction of Krzysztof Knittel, 2013-2015 in class of Marcel Chyrzyński). Currently continues his PHD studies in field of composition at Academy of Music in Krakow.
His works have been performed at, among other, International Electroacoustic Music Festival Musica Electronica Nova 2015, the 27th 26th International Festival of Kraków Composers (2015,2014), Festival Audio Art (2015, 2014, 2011), AXES Triduum Muzyki Nowej (2012), Festival Kultura 2012 in Warsaw as well as Athens Video Art Festival 2013 (with Anna Petelenz). His interactive performance Matchpoint: Sound of Brain was presented in Munich as part of artist-in-residence in Villa Waldberta program in 2015. He is a laureate of several composers competitions (1st prize ex aequo during the 11th Tadeusz Ochlewski Competition organized by PWM Edition in 2013, for a piece Monster Group Number for soprano and electronics; 1st prize at the international Concorso di Composizione Pianistica 2014 Giorgio e Aurora Giovanni Fondazione for his work Study of Chaos for piano for four hands et al.). His awards for compositions include Avenir Grant bestowed by Arnold Schönberg Centre in Vienna, Creative Scholarship of the City of Kraków for music 2014 and the Award of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage for students of arts universities for outstanding achievements in artistic creations 2014.

List of the most important works
1. Monoliths 2:3:5 concerto for piano and orchestra, dur 15’ (instrumentation: picc. , 2 fl. , 2 ob., cor. Ang., 2 cl., B. cl., 2 bsn. , cfg., 2 Hn., 3 Tpt., 3 Tbn.,3 Tb., 3 perc. (obejmujące I: Gran Cassa, 2 congas, II: 4 bongos, III: 5 tom-toms and tam-tam), and strings (10-8-6-6-4).
2. Palindromic Fractal for InfraRedHarp and orchestra, dur. 6’ (instrumentation: 2 Fl., Ob., Cl., B. Cl., Bsn., Hn., Tpt., Tbn., Tba., 3 Perc., InfraRedHarp, Pno., 12 Vln., 4 Vla., 4 Vc., 3 Cb.)
3. Indeterminacy rule for two pianos, percussion and orchestra, dur. 13’ (instrumentation: Picc., 2 Fl., 2 Ob., C.A., 2 Cl., B. Cl., 2 Bsn, Cbsn, 4 Hn., 4 Tpt., 4 Tbn., Tba., Dr., 2 Pno., Cel., 24 Vln., 8 Vla., 8 Vc., 6 Cb.)
4. Barracks/void for chamber orchestra, dur. 7’ (instrumentation: Picc., Fl., C.A., 2 Cl., B. Cl., Bsn, Hn., Tpt., Tbn., 3 Timp., 4 Vln., 3 Vla.,3 Vc., 2 Cb.)
5. Monster Group Number for soprano and electronics, dur. 15’
6. Superposition for electronics, dur. 5’.
7. Study of Chaos for piano (4 hands), dur. 8’
8. Versteckt for contrabass and electronics, dur. 6’
9. Fractal Prayer for live electronics, dur. 5’
10. Variantes de Voyages for flute, guitar, percussion and tape, dur. 8’
11. Fulfilling the circle for grand organ, dur. 5’
12. Golden Apartment for alto saxophone and piano, dur. 10’
13. Hypercube for live electronics (InfraRedHarp), dur. 5’
14. Sketches on the apartament’s roof for alto saxophone and cello, dur. 6’
15. Deconstruction of Fractals for electronics, dur. 10’
16. Red Apartment for jazz trio (pno., dr., cb.), 2 oboes, alto saxophone, Hammond organ and contrabass.

Interactive music installations:

1. Soundloom
2. Recall Gate
3. First World Virus

Composition competitions- awards and prizes:
1. Finalist of 56 Tadeusz Baird Competition for Young Composers for Ménilmontant Fluctuations for guitar, violoncello and piano (2015).
2. 1 prize on Concorso di Composizione Pianistica 2014 Giorgio e Aurora Giovanni Fondazione for piece Study of Chaos for piano (4 hands)
3. 1 prize ex aequo on XI competition im. Tadeusza Ochlewskiego, hosted by Polskie Wydawnictwo Muzyczne for Monster Group Number for soprano and electronics (2013)
4. 2 prize (1 has not been given) on International Comosition Competition „…kiedy myślę Messiaen…” organised by Musical Academy in Wrocław for - Musique Logistique for two pianos, jury: E. Knapik. G. Pstrokońska- Nawratil, K. Kiełb (2013)
5. Finalist if European Young Composers’ Competition Gramodeska (Czechy, org. PETROF) for Tensions for piano, electric guitar, tape and video (2011)
Film scores
Music for the movie Mój Alkoholiku reż. Grzegorz Krawiec, produced by Państwowa Wyższa Szkoła Filmowa, Telewizyjna i Teatralna im. Leona Schillera w Łodzi/ Lollipop Films, premiera: 25-04-2014.

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