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Sargis  Hovhannisyan (m)
Artist in Residence

Herkunftsland: Armenien
KKA-Residency: 2015
Webseite: http://sargis1983.blogspot.com/

Porträt Sarkis Hovhannisyan
Porträt Sarkis Hovhannisyan
©Gurgen Ginosyan
Sargis Hovhannisyan born the 28th October 1983 in Gyumri, Armenia
Sargis Hovhannisyan is a visual artist from Gyumri, the second biggest city in the Republic of Armenia, where he lives and works.
Passions, thoughts are being written Down through lines in his art.


2014 member of the Gyumri contemporary art center
2014 member of the International Federation of Artists UNESCO
2007-2013 member of the 5th Floor Cultural Group, Gyumri, Armenia
2000-2006 Gyumri Branch of Yerevan State Academy of Art (Graphic Department)
1995-1997 Family-Art Scool, Gyumri, Armenia


2015 Yerevan Academy of Fine Arts Gyumri Branch-Lecturer at the Graphics
2015 Yerevan Academy of Fine Arts Gyumri Branch-Graphics laboratory asistant
2014 Yerevan Academy of Fine Arts Gyumri Branch- Specialist at the quality development center
2013 Designer of Duet International theater festival, Gyumri, Armenia
2010-2011 EVS-European Voluntery Service – AJAMK-Jozef Attila Cultural center, Budapest, Hungary
2013 May-June, Karitas-Art therapist ”Aregak” Day Care Center for Disable Kids, Gyumri, Armenia
2009 September-October, Karitas-Art therapist ”Aregak” Day Care Center for Disable Kids, Gyumri, Armenia
2009 Ougust – workshpos in Kanakeravan Art Scool for children, Yerevan, Armenia


2013 Tbird - Saphanca,Turkey
2011 A Country... AJAMK-Jozef Attila Cultural center, Budapest, Hungary
2010 Graphic Works – Pedagogy institute, Papa, Hungary
2010 View in Budapest, Pecs, Szentendre – Klub Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
2010 Graphic Works – Armenian Cultural center, Budapest, Hungary
2010 Armenian national evening and portrait art project-Jozef Attila Cultural center, Budapest, Hungary
2006 Graphic Works – Narekatsi Art Union, Yerevan, Armenia
2003 Knight-Single Combat-Requiem-Style Gallery, Gyumri, Armenia


2015 Biennale Di Venezia – Venice,Italy
2015 International Biennial of Painting Chisinau, National Art Museum, Kishinev,Moldova
2012 8th International Biennial, Gyumri,Armenia
2010 7th International Biennial, Gyumri,Armenia
2008 6th Internatioanl Biennial, Gyumri,Armenia


2014 International Plastic 6th Art Colony (4week) Saphanca,Turkey
2013 International Plastic 5th Art Colony (4week) Saphanca,Turkey
2013 Collage in Museum (10day) Odessa, Ukraine
2012 Fill Heritage whith the life of Arts (10day)Kutaisi,Georgia
2012 Building Ruins (10day) Gyumri,Armenia
2012 ANIMA (4week) Dresden,Germany
2011 FROZEN (4week) Kars, Diyarbakir,Turkey


2015 ”APOLLO” International poster, National Museum of Unification in Alba Lulia,Romania
2014 Teqali Film Festival, Teqali,Georgia
2014 Europe Day, Gyumri,Armenia
2013 International Art Fair, Istanbul,Turkey
2013 ArmMono International theater festival, Yerevan,Armenia
2013 Europe Day, Yerevan,Armenia
2012 Teqali Film Festival, Teqali,Georgia
2012 ANIMA-International workshop, Dresden,Germany
2011 Member of jury in “AYE-AYE” VO 17 International film festival, Nancy,France
2011 One shout, One minute, film festival, ACCEA, Yerevan,Armenia
2010 Toy of the idle time – ACCEA, Yerevan,Armenia
2010 13th Annual Festival of Alternative Art, ACCEA, Yerevan,Armenia
2010 ”csOgyar” International Art Museum, Budapest, Hungary
2010 Spring on Armenia – 12th Annual Media Festival, Media center, Yerevan,Armenia


2015 100th year of remembrance, Marriott hotel, Washington, DC
2015 Will to Live, Style gallery, Gyumri, Armenia
2015 World Art Day, PortArt Gallery-5, Ankara,Turkey
2013 Face - 37 high school, Gyumri,Armenia
2013 Fine art Academy, Tbilisi,Georgia
2012 Collage in Museum - Bleshnov Museum, Odessa,Ukraine
2012 Out in Head – 5th Floor Studio, Gyumri,Armenia
2012 Graphic-performance-animation – Berlin Art Hotel, Gyumri,Armenia
2012 Graphic-performance-animation – Verzahnungs fabrik, Dresden,Germany
2012 Graphic-performance-animation – 9th Gallery, Nancy,France
2012 Sent Sargis celebration – Republican Exhibition, Academy Gallery, Yerevan,Armenia
2012 5th FLOOR GYUMRI. ARMENIA- 9th Gallery, Nancy, France
2012 Yang Artist – Union of Artist, Yerevan,Armenia
2011 X Warning Planet 2011-2nd EDITION, Montevideo, Urugvay
2010 3440meters under the world from Haudy in Himalaya, st.Mariacka, Kotowice,Poland
2010 Russian speaking modern Art, Doblo wine bar, Budapest,Hungary


2014 Border-Borderless, 37 high school,Gyumri,Armenia
2014 Changes of Shadows, Style Gallery, Gyumri,Armenia
2012 8th International Biennial, Kasa foundation, Gyumri,Armenia
2011 5th Floor – Aslamazyan Sisters Museum, Gyumri,Armenia
2010 For Kanakeravan Art School, Budapest,Hungary
2005 Ofort - Aslamazyan Sisters Museum, Gyumri,Armenia

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