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Taís Ferreira (f)
Cultural Educator in Residence

Herkunftsland: Brasilien
KKA-Residency: 2016

Portrait Tais Ferreira
Portrait Tais Ferreira
©Thiago Colombo de Freitas
Theatre’s professor at the Federal University of Pelotas (Brazil), has been teaching and researching since 2004.

Bachelor degree in Performing Arts (2002) and Master in Education (2005) at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (BR).

At the moment she is a Doctor candidate, researching in a “cotutela” between Federal University of Bahia (BR) and University of Bologna (IT). She has experience in Art and Cultural Education, acting on the following subjects: Performing Arts and Education, History of Theatre, Reception and Audience Studies, Cultural Studies, Children and Young People’s Theatre and Teacher’s Training.

She was a Theater’s teacher in social projects and has worked with children in risk situations, workers, younger and grand people. In 2005 she began her career as a professor, since that she has been working with the new performing arts teachers’ training at Brazilian universities.

She had many papers and books published in Brazil and others Latin-American countries about these subjects*. She wrote two books in an important Brazilian collection of Art & Education’s books. One of these is about children’s spectatorship experiences mediated by the school and the other one (in co-authorship with the artist and professor Maria Falkembach) about practices in Theater and Dance in the primary school. This last book was chosen in a Brazilian governmental program for libraries in the public schools, receiving a new edition (150.000 copies) in 2014 and had distributed to all the country. Recently, she wrote her first book to children, little autobiographical tales. A new book to teachers will be published in this current year, about the teaching of History of Performing Arts in the secondary schools.

She also coordinated several projects for training art’s teachers and co-edited some academic books in her career as art educator and professor in Brazil.

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