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Maša Drndić (f)
Artist in Residence

Herkunftsland: Kroatien
KKA-Residency: 2015
Webseite: http://masafilm.wix.com/masadrndic

Maša Drndić
Portrait Maša Drndić
©Lela Rekhviashili
2008-2011 Baltic Film and Media School, MA, Art of Film and Video Cinematography, Tallinn, Estonia. (Ma)
2002-2008 University of Rijeka, Academy of Applied Arts, Art Pedagogy ,Department of Graphic Art (BA & MA), Croatia
1999-2002 School for Applied Arts, Department of Graphic Design

2011-2012Publishing Acadamy, Rijeka Croatia
2008 Aristoteles workshop, (under the patronage of the French-German cultural TV channel “Arte”, Sibiu, Romania ( 1 month)
2007 French School for Documentary Film «Atelier Varan», Belgrade Serbia ( 2 months)
2014 Sound Development City (Art expedition), Haller Enteprise, Latvia, Finland,
Saari Residency, Kone foundation, Finland (documentary script development “From May to May”)
2012 HAVC – Croatian Audiovisual Center, film production support (documentary film “The Waiting Point”)
2012 City of Rijeka, film production support (documentary film “The Waiting Point”)

2013 The Best Regional Film Award for the film “The Waiting Point” at Liburnija Documentary Film Festival, Croatia
2013 D. A. Peransi Award, ARKIPEL International Documentary and Experimental Film Festival Indonesia
2010 Theodor Lutz Film Days , Estonia, award for the best cinematography - short fiction film Blow by Edina Cullog
2008 The Best Designed Books in 2007 and 2008 in Croatia
Born in 1982, Maša Drndić began her artist career at the academy of Applied Arts Rijeka Croatia where she completed BA and MA degrees in Printmaking Arts. For accomplished achievements on fourth year of the study (2005/2006) she was awarded with Rector’s Scholarship.

During her art studies Maša has been accepted for a documentary school held by French Atelier Varan in 2007 where she made documentary-autobiography "My Belgrade" and decided to continue filmmaking. After gaining her MA Degree in arts she has been invited for Aristoteles workshop sponsored by the Arte Chanel where she directed a film “In the Shadow” and enrolled in MA studies in cinematography at BFM, Estonia where she has graduated in January of 2011.

As a freelance artist, designer and as a filmmaker Maša cooperated with numerous Croatian publishing houses, cultural organizations, theaters and festivals. She directed six documentary films and worked as writer, cinematographer and editor on over a dozen short fiction films, many of which received critical recognition and awards. .Four of her book cover designs published by the Istrian Branch of The Society of Croatian Writers, have been chosen in the selection of the best designed books in 2007 and 2008 in Croatia, and were presented at the Book Art International Exhibition at the Frankfurt Book Fair as well as at the Leipzig Book Fair exhibition of Best Designed Books From All Over the World.

In 2014. she was awarded Saari Residence in Finland by Kone Foundation and was selected for Sound Development City Art Expedition Project .

In her works Maša often focuses on the relationship between locations and their inhabitants, while exploring individual as well as collective expressions of identity, belonging, memories, dreams and desires.

Besides being active in filmmaking, art and design Maša Drndić is also engaged in teaching as well as planning, curating and promoting educational and cultural projects and events. She is one of the co-founders of Student Cultural Center Rijeka as well as art director and main selector for Student International Film festival (STIFF), Croatia.


2013. The Waiting Point, documentary, 44 min, Filmaktiv, Croatia
2012 Factory in Progress, documentary film, 25 min, Pomodori, Croatia
2011 A Couple of Stories before departire, documentary film 45 min, , Estonia/Latvia
2010 Detache, documentary film 10 min, BFM Estonia
2010 Breakfast, short fiction film , Estonia
2009 In the Shadow, documentary film, 25 min, Aristoteles, Romania
2007 My Belgrade, documentary film 10 min, Atelier Varan Sebia/France
2007 Onmibus Neighbours, documentary film, Atelier Varan Sebia/France


2014 On Nostalgia, audio/ video multichanal installation, Sound Development City,Helsinki, Finland
2014 Protest of the Invisable , interdisciplinary art action, installation in the public space, Freedom Square Tbilisi , Georgia
2012 Teatro Fenice in Progress, interdisciplinary group art project, PomodoRi, collective, Rijeka Croatia
2012 Factory in Progress, interdisciplinary group art project and documentary film, PomodoRi, collective, Rijeka Croatia
2011 Who’s is of the big bad crises?“ (group video project) , Balcan Beond Borders, Macedonia
2007 "Archetypes” graphical artbook , MA thesis work, Academy of Applied Arts Rijeka Croatia

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