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Đejmi Hadrović (f)
Artist in Residence

Herkunftsland: Slowenien
KKA-Residency: 2017
Webseite: http://www.dejmihadrovic.si

Porträt Foto Đejmi Hadrović
Porträt Foto Đejmi Hadrović
©Đejmi Hadrović
Đejmi’s art work is inspired by culture in all its semantic. The topic of her interest covers cultural constructs that society creates and it is always playing with its taboos, stigmatization and cultural handicap which she is applying into her art practice. Đejmi’s constant intention through her art opus is to demolish social norms and conventions. She is establishing her art work through media of video, photography and performance.
Đejmi Hadrović is active member of art collective V.A.T. and organizer of kinokabaret- short film festival in Linz.
She is collaborating within cultural Institution in it’s project “Trbovlje New Media Setting” and New Media Art festival Speculum Artium.

MA, Audio-Visual art
Kunstuniversitat Linz, Linz (Austria)
Bsc Culture and Anthropology
Faculty of humanities Koper

01/09/2016–31/12/2016 Video Maker
Fiftitu - feminist association, Linz (Austria)
Video, editing, montage, dramaturgy, camera,

01/06/2016–31/12/2016 Gallery Guide
Raumschiff Gallery, Linz (Austria)

01/04/2015–01/04/2017 Film Festival Organiser
Kinokabaret, Linz (Austria)

01/03/2015–31/03/2016 Event Photographer
Raumschiff Association (Gallery), Linz (Austria)

2017 First place at photography competition CARAVAN NEXT, Maribor, SI
2017 Art Residency KulturKontakt Austria and Austrian Federal Chancellery, Vienna, AT
2016 Grant for Excellent Study Achievements, University of Arts and Industrial Design, Linz, AT
2016 Second prize award for video Crossing Borders, DBS, SI
2016 Project grant TNM for Zahida is a Feminist, SI
2015 Project grant KIBLIX for Chastity Belt, SI.
2013 Scholarship grant TNM, SI

Photography exhibition Zahida is a Feminist, CARAVAN NEXT, February 2017, Maribor, SI.
Media Exhibition, DLUM gallery, July 2016, Maribor, SI.
Photography Exhibition Free The Nipple, Gallery Stolp, June 2016, Maribor, SI.
New Media installation, Chastity Belt, Kiblix, October 2015, Maribor, SI.
Photography Installation, A Mother, A Whore or A Saint? KAPU, June 2015, Linz, AT.
New Media installation, Fashion Farce, Speculum Artium, Trbovlje, October 2013, SI.
New Media installation, Click It, Nomadenne Tappe, Linz, February 2013 AT.
Video Installation, Budoar, Speculum Artium, Trbovlje, April 2012, SI.

Video Screening, Crossing Borders, Centrum Kultury Lublinie, November, 2016, Poland.
Video Screening Crossing Borders, Digital Big Screen, Speculum Artium, Oktober 2016, Trbovlje, SI.
Video screening Crossing Borders, Paraflows XI IDENTITY, Kunstforum Wien, September 2016, Wien, AT.
Video screening Crossing Borders/Editing Room/Uterus at Body, Sound and Space vol. 4, KAPU, May 2016, Linz, AT.
Video screening Crossing Borders, Artefatto, Poli di aggregazione giovanile, May 2016, Trieste, IT.
Video screening Uterus, Centrum Kultury Lublinie, April, 2016, Poland.
Video screening Editing Room, Centrum Kultury Lublinie, April, 2016, Poland.
Video screening Edit Room, Kinophilia, Offenes Kulturhaus, Movimento, April 2016, Linz, AT.
Video screening Crossing Borders, Offenes Kulturhaus, BEST OFF 2016, March 2016, Linz, AT.
Video screening, Dummy, Museum of contemporary art Sarajevo, Ars Aevi, March 2016, BA.
Video screening, Dummy, Goldfather, KAPU, November 2015, Linz, AT.
Video screening, Dummy, Digital Big Screen, Speculum Artium, Trbovlje, October 2015, SI.
Video screening, Hope, Movimento/OK, April 2015, Linz AT.
Video screening, ‘Cause I’m an Architect, Movimento/OK, April 2015, Linz, AT.
Video screening, Uterus, Galerija ZDSLU, Ljubljana, June, 2014, SI.
Video screening, Uterus, Kočevje, January 2014, SI.
Video screening, Replicant, Digital Big Screen, Trbovlje, October 2013, SI.
Video screening, Super-Ego, Layer House Kranj, May 2012, AT.
Video screening, Super-Ego, Digital Big Screen, Trbovlje, April, 2012, SI.

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