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Gregoriy Selskiy (m)
Artist in Residence

Herkunftsland: Russland
KKA-Residency: 2017
Webseite: http://selskiy.tumblr.com/

Porträt Foto Gregoriy Selskiy
Porträt Foto Gregoriy Selskiy
©Gregoriy Selskiy
The artist Selskiy Gregoriy (Yuriy) is working working with installation, photography, video and mixed media. His favorite themes are internet, social media, new technologies and how they affect our daily lives. The artist lives in Mosсow Russia and Svetlogorsk (Kaliningrad region, Russia). Education at "The Rodchenko Art School" (Moscow). Director, Selskiy Art Foundation, Foundation for the Support of Contemporary Art in the city of Svetlogorsk.

2016 Director, Selskiy Art Foundation, Foundation for the Support of Contemporary Art in the city of Svetlogorsk
2014-2011 The Rodchenko Art School (Moscow), Studio Alexei Shulgin, Aristarchus Chernyshev & Kirill Preobrazhensky
2011-2006 Practice in photography, participated in exhibitions in Kaliningrad in Russia and the Baltic countries
2014-2012 Organization of the first contemporary art gallery in Kaliningrad Gallery ГОВНО(SHIT) together with Alexander Lubin
2006-present Member of art group LES, a group is busy in the popularization of contemporary art in the city of Svetlogorsk, Kaliningrad region

2013 Participation in the residence Łaźnia CCA (Gdansk, Poland)
2012 Participation in the residence Künstlerhaus Lukas (Ahrenshoop, Germany)
2009 Participation in the «City One Minutes” video project (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

2013 ”Death Like”, gallery “ВЫХОД”, Kaliningrad
2011 “David”, the Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia. In the name of Rodchenko
2008 “Lovers», “TOPOR” studio, Kaliningrad Union of Photo Artists

«Spirit and Digit», gallery Elektromuseum, Moscow
«Movie time», gallery РОСИЗО, Moscow
EMAIL object, the National Park of Kurshskaya Kosa, Kaliningrad region
«Nimbus consumerism» object, FORMA art-festival, Moscow
“10 years The Rodchenko Art School”, MULTIMEDIA ART MUSEUM, MOSCOW
«HASH» object, FORMA art-festival, Moscow
“New codes of art,” gallery Elektromuseum, Moscow
KALIK, gallery LUDA, St. Petersburg
Festival of Digital Art - “The Night of New Media” in the village of Nikola-Lenivets
5th thesis exhibition Rodchenko School “I saw the lightning”, Moscow
”1:0”, theatre “Practice”, Moscow
“Made in Kaliningrad”, KKKC Klaipeda, Lithuania
“Mythology Online, art web 2.0”, the Polytechnic Museum, Moscow
Sound installation “The birds of the world” (with Vera Laponkina), exhibition project “natural”, Svetlogorsk
“Rural Actionism” exhibition “Nemi” association “Upward!”, Moscow
“The coffin Herman Brachert” exhibition “Matveev,” Kaliningrad Art Gallery
“Homeland” series of photos, the photo exhibition “The territory of the Victory”, Murmansk
“Synthesis” festival of experimental electronic music, Kaliningrad NCCA
Participation in the «City One Minutes” video project (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

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